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Career Highlights


In a matter that lasted nearly three years, Flip handled the international commercial arbitration of a pricing dispute between the operator of a nuclear energy plant and a multinational manufacturer and high consumer of electricity. The arbitration was administered by a European arbitration organization of high repute.



Flip represented USWest International at the time of the incorporation of Telenet (Belgium’s first alternative telecommunications operator), a project that lasted from early 1995 to late 1996.  Thereafter, Flip assisted Telenet in the preparation and implementation of its operations and services in the liberalized telecommunications framework. He negotiated the first interconnection agreement with Belgacom, the incumbent Belgian telecommunications operator, a contract that has since been used as the reference for such agreements. As the liberalization of the telecommunications sector spread, Flip was invited to negotiate many other interconnection agreements all over Europe.


Flip helped realize the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Congo Brazaville in 1995-1997, a project that was supported by the World Bank. Working together with financial advisor N.M. Rothschild Bank, Flip rethought and put in place the new regulatory telecommunications framework, organized the procedure to search for investors and assisted the Office National des Postes et Télécommunication (ONPT) in the selection of its foreign investors.



Flip has been at the forefront of arbitrations concerning Internet governance assigned to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


Flip’s team is representing Namecheap in an arbitration against ICANN on the lifting of price caps in the price for the registration of domain names in several TLDs.


Flip has been representing Vistaprint Ltd. in the landmark auction for .webs and .web organized by ICANN. Vistaprint won the right to operate .webs for just $1, while Verisign paid $135 million to operate .web. In this auction, the highest and lowest amounts ever were spent in the domain auction run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.


Intellectual Property and anti-Competition

Flip successfully contested the validity of a patent for a well-known bread spread obtained by a manufacturer who was attempting to use it to illegally exclude competitors from the market, including Flip’s client Biscuiterie Willems, later on acquired by Lotus Bakeries.


Flip successfully contested the patent rights claimed by a U.S. pharmaceutical giant against Belgian Dafra Pharma.


Flip successfully contested the design rights claimed by a Swiss bus manufacturer against Belgian bus manufacturer Van Hool.


Flip obtained the recognition of sport legend Eddy Merckx’ name as a world-wide well-known famous trademark.

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