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Experience over the past 30 years 

Flip Petillion is a leading domestic and international negotiator, litigator and arbitrator. 


Flip has been handling arbitrations for nearly 30 years. Matters were related to the following industries: Information Technology, Telecommunications, Intellectual Property, Construction and Energy.


Flip Petillion has acted as counsel and also served as chairman, sole arbitrator and party-appointed arbitrator in arbitration proceedings under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Paris, France), the International Dispute Resolution Center (ICDR, New York, NY, USA), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland), the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA, Shenzhen, China), the International Trademark Association (New York, NY, USA), the National Arbitration Forum (Minneapolis, MN, USA), the Independent Film and Television Association (Los Angeles, CA, USA), the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC, Prague, Czech Republic), the Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut (NAI, Rotterdam, the Netherlands), and the Belgian Mediation and Arbitration Center (CEPANI, Brussels, Belgium).


Flip started his arbitration practice as an associate with Van Ryn & Van Ommeslaghe, a prestigious leading Belgian firm with a great number of Supreme Court lawyers in the partnership. Flip’s mentor was late Supreme Court lawyer Professor Dr. Pierre Van Ommeslaghe. He also worked with Supreme Court lawyers Philippe Gérard, Jean-Marie Nelissen-Grade, Johan Verbist and Martin Lebbe, and well-known arbitrators like Professor Michel Flamée and late Mr André Faurès, the latter being especially well-known in international arbitrations. Flip also regularly acted as a secretary in international arbitrations. 


He started his bar experience when he was assistant professor in international and comparative law at the Institute for Public Law and International Relations of the KU Leuven, chaired by Professor Hans baron van Houtte, former President of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal. 


He frequently speaks at international Arbitration and Mediation seminars. He followed a special course on negotiation and mediation organised by WIPO and lead by Professor Robert H. Mnookin of Harvard Law School. 


Flip built an outstanding reputation through his focus on intellectual property rights, information, communication, technology and media. He represents multinationals and first-class individual portfolio holders. He gives strategic advice and enforces rights through court litigations and alternative dispute resolution procedures.


Flip has been acting as deputy judge in the Court of Appeals of Brussels. In 2009, he was sworn in following a successful selection from a list of candidates. 


Flip appears in Belgian courts and before the European Court of Justice and the European General Court. 

Some Key Data an my experience (past 3 years)


No. of appointments as arbitrator: 42 


No. of those as chair: 25


No. of those as sole arbitrator: 5


Countries: Belgium, France, Switzerland, Netherlands


Applicable laws: Belgium, France, Netherlands, United States


Applicable rules: ICC, ICDR (AAA), CEPANI, WIPO


No. of appointments as arbitrator in investor-state cases: 0 



Other relevant Bio & career data


Gender: Male


Nationality: Belgium


Languages - fluent: Dutch, English, French 


Languages - good working knowledge: Dutch, English, French



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